Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, staring Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers), Erin Grey (Wilma Deering), Felix Silla (Twiki) and Tim O’Connor (Dr. Elias Huer.

Science fiction meets Solid Gold! I remember this as a fun show. Like Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, Buck Rogers handled situation with his fist. The costumes where “futuristic” – you know, women dressed in flowing robes, polyester body suits and sometimes barely anything (isn’t it cold in space?!). The men dressed in polyester everything. And the special effects seemed, well, rushed and low budget. However, this is still a fun show to watch! Twiki was my favorite! Not many of my school friends watched this show – but, everyone seemed to know who Twiki was.

One thought on “Buck Rogers

  1. Buck Rodgers was definitely a favourite of mine (I remember having a crush on Col. Deering). It all went downhill when they changed the format for season 2 and tried copying elements of Star Trek and BSG by shoving them on a starship. Also Twiki’s voice changed (originally Mel Blanc) and he lost all his charm.

    I’m surprised Buck hasn’t been resurected in some form yet, it’s one I’d love to see if done right.

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