Dungeons & Dragons

The animated series of Dungeons & Dragons aired between 1983-1985 on CBS. 3 seasons for a total of 27 episodes.

The series is about six friends who are transported from a carnival ride to another dimensional world. They try to find their way home while going on adventures guided by the Dungeon Master who gives them each a magical gift and a title (character class). While trying to find their way home they help others and fight enemies who are trying to take their magical items.

The protagonist is a being called Venger who is determined to acquire the children’s magical items, believing the items will give him unlimited power to world that world.

Let’s not forget Uni, the Unicorn! She is a bit of a silly character. But, in some of the episodes she is very handy to have along!

Apparently Renault helped the kids get home!

I’m now re-watching this series with my children and they LOVE it!

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