First Summer Job

My first Summer job was at the YMCA in Concord, New Hampshire.

I remember getting this letter in the mail, from the government, on my last day of school, stating that I could make money working 30 hours a week guaranteed. All I had to do was look for a approved job and I was all set.

I threw it away.

I was looking forward to a lazy Summer full of reading and doing absolutely NOTHING! No way was I going to waste my valuable time at some stupid Summer job.


No way.

My dad came home shortly afterward and he was all excited. I asked what what going on and he replied, “I got you a job at the Y and you start Monday!” He then asked if I read the letter he left on my bedroom door. I said that I had and that I had thrown it away. Oh, boy… that deflated him quickly. He didn’t say two word to me all weekend.

Monday morning rolls around and, here we go – off to Concord to get my work papers, ID and whatever else I needed. I actually started work Tuesday morning, 7 AM.

Let me tell you – I had the BEST Summer of my teen life! I met some awesome people; both whom I worked with and members! My boss was great and had a son my age. So he knew, somewhat, how to handle a shy teenager. That job really helped crack my anti-social shell. And I am forever grateful that my dad got me that job!

Did I mention that I was fourteen going on fifteen with raging, boy hormones? I always thought aerobics was lame – until I saw it in living, 3-dimensional, vivid color! WOW! To this day, whenever I hear Olivia Newton-John singing, “Physical”…

Oh! What did I do for a job? I was a custodian. I made sure all the exercise equipment in the Nautilus Room was clean and well lubricated. I washed and folded towels when needed. Swept, vacuumed and chatted with staff and members for six hours a day, five days a week. I actually worked there for THREE Summers!

And, yes, the jukebox they rec. department had in the basement had this little gem on it!

There are days when I truly miss those Summers…

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