Cheers (1982-1983) Regular customers and employees share there lives over drinks and work. Everybody knows your name! Full cast & crew at IMDB I’m currently re-watching Season 1 of Cheers and, honestly, this was one of the funniest shows to come out of the 80’s! Of course, now that I am older, the jokes, puns and innuendos make so much more sense that when I … Continue reading Norm!

Dungeons & Dragons

The animated series of Dungeons & Dragons aired between 1983-1985 on CBS. 3 seasons for a total of 27 episodes. The series is about six friends who are transported from a carnival ride to another dimensional world. They try to find their way home while going on adventures guided by the Dungeon Master who gives them each a magical gift and a title (character class). … Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons

14th Birthday

Today is my 50th birthday. Whoop-tee-DO! Whatever. I remember my 14th birthday. Although I wasn’t necessarily rebellious, I was quite dark: Wearing black, depressed attitude and anti-social. However, I do remember one of the best birthday presents I received as a teenager: The Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium! I was not a stranger to model building. But, this one was a bit more difficult than others … Continue reading 14th Birthday

Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, staring Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers), Erin Grey (Wilma Deering), Felix Silla (Twiki) and Tim O’Connor (Dr. Elias Huer. Science fiction meets Solid Gold! I remember this as a fun show. Like Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, Buck Rogers handled situation with his fist. The costumes where “futuristic” – you know, women dressed in flowing robes, polyester body suits and sometimes … Continue reading Buck Rogers

Home Computers

Commodore 64 (VIC-20) A childhood friend of mine had a Commodore! A HOME COMPUTER! WHOA! It was awesome! I remember staying up late on weekends playing Global Thermal Nuclear War (kinda boring), Star Trek (awesome!), States & Capitals, Chess, Asteroids and Centipede. Yeah, the graphics were a bit clunky and not much better than the Atari 2600. But, it was a COMPUTER! It would be … Continue reading Home Computers


CHiPs action, crime drama ran from 1977-1983. Starring Larry Wilcox, Eric Estrada and Robert Pine. A NBC production. I remember my brother, Kraig, just had to watch this show every week! I think he looked up to Eric Estrada’s character as a role-model; somewhat rough around the edges. But, still a good guy! Although the show was classified as a drama, there was always some … Continue reading CHiPs