Dungeons & Dragons

The animated series of Dungeons & Dragons aired between 1983-1985 on CBS. 3 seasons for a total of 27 episodes. The series is about six friends who are transported from a carnival ride to another dimensional world. They try to find their way home while going on adventures guided by the Dungeon Master who gives them each a magical gift and a title (character class). … Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons

Voltron / Voltron

Yes. VOLTRON. Defender of the Universe! We are all familiar with Lion Force Voltron featuring 5 mechanical robot lions, with the team of 5 pilots that worked together, which would combine to form the Voltron warrior. Did you know that there is ANOTHER Voltron? Vehicle Team Voltron was my first introduction into the warrior robot universe. Three teams of five, Land, Sea and Air, for … Continue reading Voltron / Voltron