Cheers (1982-1983) Regular customers and employees share there lives over drinks and work. Everybody knows your name! Full cast & crew at IMDB I’m currently re-watching Season 1 of Cheers and, honestly, this was one of the funniest shows to come out of the 80’s! Of course, now that I am older, the jokes, puns and innuendos make so much more sense that when I … Continue reading Norm!


CHiPs action, crime drama ran from 1977-1983. Starring Larry Wilcox, Eric Estrada and Robert Pine. A NBC production. I remember my brother, Kraig, just had to watch this show every week! I think he looked up to Eric Estrada’s character as a role-model; somewhat rough around the edges. But, still a good guy! Although the show was classified as a drama, there was always some … Continue reading CHiPs