Battle of the Planets

I’m back! As much as I had planned on updating this blog daily, my local ISP had other plans (ie., price increase, availability, customer service, etc.). Found a new, affordable ISP! Life is good!


My children are on Summer vacation. When I arrive home from work, they are always around the house, swimming, bicycling in our driveway and playing video games. Sometimes, on the weekends, we will take them on outings to some of our favorite places.  The Summer always flies by for the kids. And, like I used to do, they moan and groan when we announce that the first day of school if just 2 days away. I really hate giving them this news as I remember how much fun I had during the Summers growing up in Penacook, NH.

On rainy days I would stay in, of course, and watch TV. This soon turned into an obsession. I’m not sorry it did! How would I have ever seen some amazing cartoon series?!

One of my favorite was Battle of the Planets.

I read the Summary from IMBD and could NOT explain it any better:

“Zoltar and his evil minions constantly attempt to either destroy or conquer the planet Earth. His efforts in this regard are constantly battled by G-Force, a group of five teenagers with high-tech vehicles, weapons, and a thing for bird-like costumes. Each member of the defense team has incredible, cerebrionic-enhanced superpowers. These teenaged orphans have pledged their lives to defend Earth and the Federation from Zoltar, ruler of the planet Spectra. G-Force’s missions are coordinated from Center Neptune on Earth by their computerized assistant, 7-Zark-7. Written by Afterburner <> “

Two things I remember most from this series is 1) the musical theme and narration; it has everything in it to set the stage for a epic adventure! And 2) one of the saddest death scenes I had ever seen at that time of my life (I was probably about 10 and my mother has passed away the year before). It really hit me hard. looking back, it still gets to me.

If you’ve seen this series, please drop me a line! Would love to compare notes!


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Planets

  1. I loved Battle of the Planets, the theme was the best on TV. Telly in the UK in the 80s was brilliant with youth TV in great shape.

    I remember years later hearing that BotP was redubbed with a completely different story (and loads of violence edited out).

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