Home Computers

Commodore 64 (VIC-20)

A childhood friend of mine had a Commodore! A HOME COMPUTER! WHOA! It was awesome! I remember staying up late on weekends playing Global Thermal Nuclear War (kinda boring), Star Trek (awesome!), States & Capitals, Chess, Asteroids and Centipede. Yeah, the graphics were a bit clunky and not much better than the Atari 2600. But, it was a COMPUTER!

It would be a few more years before I landed a Summer job at the YMCA and was able to purchase my very own home computer: 1983 Radio Shack Tandy TSR-80 Color Computer. Now, granted it may not have been a top-notch home PC at the time. However, it was perfect for me! The operating manual it came with taught a bit of BASIC from which I was able to create my own, low-res, animated graphics. (Why I never went into graphic design is a whole other story!) IT did not come with any type of storage. Yeah, once you turned it off – BLINK – every thing was gone! Heaven forbid the power should go out! About a month later I purchased a special Tandy tape deck to record my programs. Took forever to record/load. BUt, then again, we didn’t know any better at the time! I also, at some point picked up a joy-stick for it as well. I also remember a slot on the side. BUt, I do not remember if I ever utilized it or not.

What was your first home computer?

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